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Welcome to Ars Invictus

Ars Invictus was mainly formed on a small realm called Darkmoon Faire. The guild has been around for many years, but was abandoned during Firelands. People were split, and a lot of us went to diffrent realms. Now it has been ressurected by players that want to get old Ars Invictus back alive again.

Ars Invictus is mainly a 25-man guild. The guild consist of both raiders and socials. We have all kinds of players which creates a very unique and relaxed atmosphere.
Ars Invictus    
        Ars Invictus is recruiting for
                 Mist of Pandaria!

- As everybody knows a new expansion is headed our way. While Ars Invictus been standing strong in Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm, we now look for new members to join us in the new adventure that awaits. Please take a look at our recruitment section of the forum about who and what we look for.

Ars Invictus is back alive!
- Ars Invictus was transfered to Silvermoon and is now back up running again! If you got any questions regarding the guild just contact Marante/Glofish ingame.

Ars Invictus killed the Firelord
- We already got him on 10-man a week ago, but now we finally pushed him back into the lava on 25-man aswell. A bit overdue, but still a deserved kill.

Ars Invictus killed the scorpion...or was it a firecat?
- Another good kill for Ars Invictus.

Ars Invictus killed the wind lord!
- We already killed him on 10-man, but now we finaly got him on 25-man too. Good job everyone.

Ars Invictus killed Cho'Gall!
- Cho'gall bites the dust! After many wipes we finaly got him down. Good team-effort.

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